Raising Goats in Uganda

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Uganda, raising one goat is a way out of poverty. In this story from The Monitor, we get an overview of how the poorest-of-the-poor obtain their goats and keep them sheltered and fed.

“The farmer should grow such trees as mutuba, especially around his plot of land, and others like calliandra, guava, mango, jack fruit, and katazzamiti. Their leaves are good fodder for goats.”

“The goat’s droppings and urine may be used as manure in the garden by applying fistfuls of the droppings into each hole before planting.”

4 Responses to “Raising Goats in Uganda”

  1. kalera jared

    Hi,i want to start up a goat farm on one acre land. what are the basics?

  2. kalera jared


  3. I am a beginner farmer in South Sudan. I have started a goat project in a small town of South Sudan. At the mini time I am rearing local breeds. I am looking for dairy goats to add to my stock. I will be happy to hear from you.
    Matata Ben A

  4. aida ndahura

    I am a 42 year old lady, just started goat farming in uganda (east Africa). I have 18 local female goat and one Savannah pure breed.

    Iam interested in cross breeding of the kiko goat with my local female goat, however, I cannot get kiko goat anywhere in Uganda. I would not mind even if I get the spanish/kiko cross breed if you cannot get me the pure kiko goat.

    Please help me

    I have funds but cannot get the product I want.

    Many thanks

    Aida Ndahura


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