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Thursday, December 3, 2009

These resource sites provide a wealth of information on goat health, including what to do if you find a goat down and no vet is immediately available:

Goat 911 is the place to turn if it’s midnight, your goat is really sick and your vet doesn’t open until morning or there’s no goat vet in your area. Goat World has volunteers worldwide ready to help in a crisis. They’re not in every state or country, but there are enough of them that you should be able to reach someone on the phone or via e-mail 24-hour-a-day.

An email group on yahoo, Practical Goats brings together goat people — old and new — to ask and answer questions. The knowledge base there is amazingly helpful in a pinch.

FiasCoFarm provides information on common medical issues as well as general care, which can be beneficial if you find your goat slightly under the weather.


13 Responses to “Sick Goat 911”

  1. Karen

    How would you treat coliform mastitis in a dairy goat? The symptoms are clinical.

    • NJ

      I’d call my vet immediately. Regular milkings and the use of antibiotics like oxytocin. That form of mastitis can be fatal. Luckily, it’s not generally passed to others in the herd but it’s a serious matter.

  2. Anna Vickers

    I have a goat that has labored breathing and don’t know what the cause is, can you please me?

    • Anna Vickers

      he is a pygmy goat and about 2 years old. Thanks

      • NJ

        The most common cause of labored breathing is respiratory infection. You need to call the vet and have him checked and dosed with antibiotics if needed. His temperature should be around 102.5 F. If it’s higher, he’s fighting an infection. There are other things that can cause labored breathing but your best bet is to have him checked by a vet and treated for whatever is causing his problem. Good luck to you.

  3. I have a 3 month old bottle baby that has had diareha off and on for about 6 weeks now and I am at my wits end. Because he is a bottle baby its been fairly easy for me to give him probiotics, vitamin b12, antibiotics and electrolytes. His poop will sometimes get the consistancy of dog poop and then go back to diareha. But it’s never like the little pellets. Any suggestions? I am open to anything. Tonight he drank a whole bottle with milk, electrolytes and karo syrup and took a syring with Neomycin and b12. I think he may be still be here in the morning as earlier today he wouldn’t even take his bottle at all…

    • NJ

      If he didn’t get colostrum after he was born, his rumen may not have developed properly. Also at 3 months, he’s should be down to one feeding a day, if that, and should be largely on hay or feed (but not grain). If he’s been scouring for 6 weeks, he really should see a vet to find out what’s going on before you lose him.

  4. tammie

    I have an alpine goat since she wazs 2 dxays old now over a year.she is throwing up and gritting her teeth. Shw still takes water not food trust me she is a eater love snacks. I need some help this is my 9yr old baby baby.please3 give me a clue

  5. I currently do not have a sick goat, but I need to know what to do to prevent one. I recently got into the goat world. I am trying to figure out the best dewormer, and when to give it. I know you are suppose to give a yearly tetnus shot, but other than those two things I dont know what I need to do. I see a lot of people giving there goats all kindof things, and I dont even know what they are talking about. Someone please inform me on what I need to know. Thank you

  6. Dianna Back

    I have a year and half old boer goat–lays on the ground –gets up occassionally–with profuse drooling-eats very little. Thanx

  7. Linda

    My 1yr old doe won’t eat. Standing hunched up. Temp normal. Acts depressed. Any ideas? Switched hay and grain one week ago. Looks thin and pale gums. Thanks

  8. david

    Nanny goat had babies about week ago she got down these morning can’t get her up?

  9. Rebecca

    I have a old goat that is week in the legs and want stand up, she does still eat a little and keeps her head up and eyes look the same as when she was walking around and doing good……. Don’t know what’s going on. I had one to died from acid reflicks but she is not acting that way……. could you give me some advice on what it could be or what I might be able to do! thanks Becky


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