Goat Triage for a Broken Leg

Friday, January 22, 2010

ERIE, Kansas — Pepper, a Nubian buckling who’s gone from “cute bottle baby to hormone-driven horn dog,” broke his leg trying to reach the doelings at Shiloh Prairie Farm.

It was late at night and there was no way to get him to the vet, so Jennifer and Jamey, his owners, knew they had to splint the leg themselves. In the eight years they’ve been raising goats they’ve treated many wounds, but this was the first broken bone that needed splinting.

They did an amazing job and detailed it here with photos in a step-by-step primer of triage for a broken leg. And yes, Pepper will live to horn dog another day.

Eds. Note: One of our goals at All Things Goat is to help you prepare for emergencies. To that end, this post details items for a goat medical kit and this post gives you online resources for when the worst happens.


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