Goats in Ontario

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tobin Schlegel, President of the Ontario Goat Breeders Association, is encouraging Ontario farmers to invest in goats. In a recent story in The Sun Times,¬†Schlegel said,¬†“I can’t stress enough the marketing end of this”.

The article also notes that demand for goat meat is high during Easter and prices generally go up to about $3.55 (CAD) per pound for an average 50- or 60-pound kid. During the lower demand times prices will range at around the $1.65 mark, with an average yearly price of about $2.25. Schlegel reports an expenditure of about $150 a year to keep a doe, including feed, bedding, labor and incidental costs. He earns $130 on average per kid, resulting in a net of about $50 to $60 on each sale.

Canada has an estimated 182,000 goats showing that in comparison to Europe’s 15 million, the market offers much room for growth. But Schlegel doesn’t minimize the amount of work needed to be successful in goat farming acknowledging that goats can be more time and labor intensive than cattle. “It means eight times as many hoofs, eight times more injections and eight times as many animals,” Schlegel says.


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